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Mini prizes have been improved and regulations are more specific

Prizes for Mini class have been changed. The winner of the series will get a free rent of IAME X30 or IAME Mini60 engine in the series in 2019. Also the costs are reduced significantly, when the winner gets a free ticket to the series in 2019 meaning no entry fees. The prizes for IAME International Final will remain same, so you need an IAME engine to qualify for the finals. Additionally there will lottery prizes in every competition including free tire sets.

Other changes are in engine related as we announced in Facebook already. In short: using "old" electronics is allowed as in homologation form, Super Shifters will use Tillotson carburetor, all engine package parts must be tightly fixed and attached, fuel regulations are as used in 2017 and the cylinder gasket rule has been explained more in detail.

IAME Series Finland regulations have been updated to 1.6. Latest changes are marked with green color. The latest version will always be here.

Posted: April 9th, 2018