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Mistake Media produces a TV series to the free AlfaTV channel of the 2017 season.

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International Final crowned the season

14 Finns participated in X30 World Championships in Le Mans.

Suomalaisten X30-kausi alkoi Belgiasta

There are already 263 drivers registered to X30 Finland.

The greatest karting series in Finland: X30 Challenge Finland

X30 Challenge Finland is the biggest and most popular karting series in Finland for drivers of all ages from hobby drivers to the top competition drivers. There are three corner stones in the series: low cost, equality and aggressive marketing with high visibility. You can see X30 everywhere from local tabloids and radio to social media and television. In 2017 there will be shown a TV series of X30 Challenge on free AlfaTV channel, the races are shown in Livestream service and commentators are the famous duo: Aleksi "Hämilton" Halen ja RADALLE.com's Harri Kolehmainen.

Alahärmä Race Invitation
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Sporting Regulations 2017
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